All Songs Lyrics from The Worship of Yahweh Album


We praise You

There’s a God in heaven
Who is worthy of our praise
The Angels bow
The Elders sing Holy is our God
Now all of creation
We will join them in this song
Singing praises to our King
So everybody sing.

We praise You

When the road seemed so rough
You were there for me
When the pain took so long
You gave your healing hands
Am gonna say it loud  and clear
And tell the whole world
Singing praises to my God
Singing La la la la la.

We praise you
We praise you
Lord…..we praise you

Our Father who art in Heaven
Halloweth be thy name

You are the
King of kings Lord of lords
Great I AM You are my God.
You are my everything everything
Everything You are my God.

It’s so good so good to praise the Lord Praise the Lord
And sing Halleluyah.

Glory glory
You are Holy
You are Worthy

Oh Oh oh oh Oh
We will praise You for who You are
Oh oh oh oh oh
We will praise You for You are God

You are (3x)
my God

Come follow me praise my God O
Iye Iye

Ovie ri Vie (King of kings)
Mo wa dobale (I’ve come to bow to You)
Everybody come and join me

Ovie ri Vie (King of kings)
Everybody come and join me
Come follow me , follow me
follow me praise my God O
Iye Iye


Your mercy is forever…Halleluyah
Your grace is forever….Halleluyah
Your love is forever…….Halleluyah
Oh Lord YOU are forever

Forever forever forever
Ever living God


What a mighty GOD
What a mighty GOD
YOU are,YOU are
What an awesome GOD
What an awesome GOD
YOU are,YOU are

Ogborigberu(mountain destroyer)
Oghene me mayerowe(2x)
(My GOD we worship YOU)

Oghene(3x) mayerowe
(GOD we worship YOU)


Halleluyah halleluyah halleluyah
Halleluyah ujiru to dera
(Halleluyah Glory to your name)

Mayerowe (we worship YOU)
Onowo. (Our creator).


Come boldly before the throne of GOD
Come enter in before the presence of the Almighty GOD(2x)
We find grace (find grace)
Grace to worship You
We find grace (find grace)
Grace to lift up Your name on high

Oh oh oh oh oh

Call him JESUS (JESUS)
JESUS we will lift up Your name on high.


Here we’ve come to worship You
And praise Your Holy name
There is no one like You Lord
You’re deserving of all our praise

Ibu chi mo o (You’re my God)
Ibu chim (You are God)
Ibu chi mo o (You’re my God)
Onye nje me onu (The one I make my boast in )
Nani gi bu chi mo o (You alone are my God)
Onyenwe mo (my owner)
Nani gi bu chi mo (You alone are my God)
Onyenwe mo (my owner)


Mere jire Oghene me
(I will praise my GOD)
O yovo mere lele(2x)
(Him alone will I serve/follow)

Me re swo ole halleluyah ole halleluyah
K’oghene me
(I will sing a song of halleluyah to my GOD)
Ole halleluyah ole halleluyah
Me re swo k’Jesu me
(A song of halleluyah to my Jesus)


Jesus I am Yours
You bought me with your blood
Jesus I am Yours
I will give my heart to You

Its in You I find my life
Its to You that I belong

Reign in me
You are  my Lord
Reign in me
The Lord of my life.
Reign in me
You are my King
You are Lord
Lord of my life


Take all of the glory
Take all of the honor

You deserve it all
Only You deserve the glory
You deserve it all
Only You deserve the honor
Let no man on earth give to himself
The praises due only You

10. Omo Eniyan-  son of man

Jesu yi ma de tan
(Jesus is coming soon)
Lati se dajo awa eda.
(To judge his creation /To judge mankind)

Ko mani gbebi fun alare
(He won’t justify the guilty)

Oba ye se owo re wo o.
(Examine the works of your hands)

O le gbin igbado ko Kala.
(You can’t sow corn and harvest okro/ you will reap,what you sow)

O ma le se buburu gbare.
(Your evil works won’t bring good rewards)

Idajo olurun ma de tan.
(Gods judgement is very near)

Oremi ranti ati sun re
(My friend remember eternity/place of rest)

 Omo Eniyan ye se owo re wo o.
(Son of man examine the works of your hand)

Eniyan Eniyan se ranti ati sun re. (O Man remember eternity/ o man where will you spend eternity )

Onigbagbo ye se owo re wo o.
(Believer examine the works of your hands)

Eniyan Eniyan se ranti Ati sun re

 Ountoju re o ma ri, Ati eti re o gbo.
(What you didn’t see and hear)

Opa gbogbo re po ofin ba ara ijo je kiri. (You spread rumors and destroy people’s character in the church)

O gbo tile ogbo tode, O wa Keyin oloro si ra won.
(You have destroyed relationships with rumors and hearsay)

So se bolorun o ri e ni.
(You think God can’t see you /You have forgotten the all knowing God sees you)

Oba seranti ati sun re.
(Remember eternity )

 Ofaye re fun Jesu tan.
(You gave your life to Jesus)

Otun wa gbaye re pada.
(Then you collected it back)

Onigbagbo LA mo o si,
(You’re known as a believer)

oma de se wa doni gbagbe.
(Yet you’ve forgotten the ways of a believer)

Se tipe ba dun nje o rope Ole ba baba mi lo.(When the trumpet sounds, will you hear the fathers call)

Eniyan Eniyan se ranti ati sun re.
(Son of man remember eternity/place of rest)